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Got lots of video on hard drives sitting on a shelf?

If you’re like most video professionals, then you’ve been letting tons of your original video clips and projects collect on hard drives. You’ve been filling up drive after drive, unable to reuse them because you can’t afford to delete their contents. It’s time to archive those files!

Sure, we sell archiving solutions. But for many, spending more than $2,000 on an LTO drive isn’t a reasonable option.

Thunder Powered Solutions is now offering an LTO archiving service for individuals and companies that can’t justify the expense of purchasing an archive solution. We’ll transfer your data to an LTO tape that you own and keep. Then you can rest assured that when those drives start failing, you’re not losing that data forever!

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Oh, you will use Thunderbolt 3. Apple demands it!


I’ve been a big proponent of Thunderbolt 3 for over a year now, but Apple went whole-hog into this camp yesterday with the announcement of their latest MacBook Pros. Aside from the new Touch Bar feature, Apple took the extreme step of removing all ports but USB-C Thunderbolt 3 (four of them)!

That’s a definitive statement for Apple’s belief in the future of this new port.

To be fair, USB-C has been designed to adapt to be anything. But that will require new cables for peripheral devices – even Apple’s own iPhones.

I was waiting for Apple to add Thunderbolt 3 to one of its devices all year knowing that when they did, the interface would quickly gain the needed push in the marketplace. But this move virtually guarantees immediate mainstream adoption.

Interestingly, this is a small but strategic play by Apple in a week where they mostly have had their butts kicked by Microsoft on the innovation forefront. Microsoft’s new Surface Book and Surface Studio in many ways outpace Apple’s latest machines in technological advancement, but they tap out on interface at USB 3. Will this prove to be enough of a negative to deter some high-end creatives from pulling the trigger on these new devices? We’ll learn the answer within the next 6 months.

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Microsoft Designs a Computer for the Best In Us…

A few minutes ago, I posted on LinkedIn that Microsoft designed “a computer for the best in us” while “the others seem to think less of us”. I am of course referring to the introduction on the new Surface Studio. It’s a machine that welcomes the user to embrace it and start creating.

This morning I had a chance to explore the new machine at my local Microsoft store. It really lived up to my expectations while certainly not being perfection. I then waited for noon to arrive so I could see if Apple had a response. To my disappointment, Apple refused to put a full screen touch display on their new MacBook Pro, Instead, they shrank one down and put it along the top of the keyboard – an improvement over previous generations of MacBook Pros, but falling short of the bar set by Microsoft a day earlier.

My entire creative career I’ve been under the impression that Apple had my creative best interests at heart, but I think we are seeing a changing of the guard.